About Us


KARIS is a beauty brand focused on providing the finest quality products inspired by passion, creativity and innovation. We uphold the highest standards in our offerings to help our customers perfect their creations.

Each design and material involved in our products are thoughtfully selected to effectively deliver the different functions. We are constantly improving and expanding our product range through continuous research and innovation.



KARIS professional brushes are handcrafted using high quality materials, featuring chromium-plated ferrules and wooden handles that are finished with scratch-resistant coat.

Our luxurious Privé series features the finest choice materials to achieve the highest performance while treating your skin with a delicate touch. Together with nickel-plated ferrule and the most beautiful rosewood handle, the brush hair in this collection offers the best result for its function.



Not all hairs are made the same. Within each type of hair, we chose the highest grade and cut to deliver the best results.

Natural hair has a medulla in the center which is covered by a thick sheath called cortex and is layered by cuticles. The cuticle structure holds and traps powders or particles they picked up. When you press the brush, these ‘trappings’ will release the powder / particles. Hence, natural hair is the most preferred hair type for powder products as it is able to deliver and apply makeup more effectively. Our natural hair is ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

Squirrel Hair is durable and naturally fine, the softest of the natural hair for brushes. Squirrel hair is relatively thin but has a conical shape with a fine point on its tip. This unique characteristic makes 100% pure squirrel makeup brushes extremely soft and the most sought after makeup brushes.

Goat Hair is one of the most effective types of hair to pick up makeup powder on its bristles and layer it smoothly and evenly onto the skin. We use the softest goat hair – the first-cut with the tips still intact.

Pony Hair is the most common type of hair for thick color deposits. Pony Hair does not come to a point but splays and hence lends itself well for shader brushes. ‘Grade A Pony Hair comes from the belly of the pony which is the highest quality.

Sable is one of the strongest hairs used in makeup brushes. These brushes maintain their shape very well and are used often in brushes where a point is needed, such as those for creating fine lines of colour where precise application is required.


Our synthetic hair is made of a specially engineered nylon material that can be used for different functions. Since it does not have cuticles like natural hair, it does not absorb cream and liquid products, providing a smooth and even finish with minimal product waste. It is vegan as it does not contain any animal product.